How To Buy

To buy online from Horeek Rokom please follow the procedures: –

1. At first open your browser and type to visit Horeekrokom’s website.

2. First register by click on REGISTER just fill up with your email address and password.

3. If you are already registered then click on LOGIN and type your user name or email
address, password and submit it.

4. To shop through categories, click on different categories like electronics, men etc.

5. If you prefer an item, click on it. To have a closer look, place your cursor on the image of the selected product to zoom into it.

6. Click on PRODUCT DESCRIPTION tab below to read through the description of the selected product.

7. After selecting your preferred size, fill in your preferred quantity/number of the product and click on ADD TO CART.

8. To shop more, you can go to home page or any other categories to add more products to your cart. When you are done shopping click on SHOPPING CART to view your cart.

9. On VIEW CART you can add promo code if any to get discount.

10. If you wish to conclude your shopping here today, Click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

11. If you are logged in, then your information will be automatically filled in otherwise log in using your email address and password.

12. Select your mode of delivery and payment.

13. Please review and check your order and click on PLACE ORDER to confirm.

14. When your order is confirmed on the next page, please keep your order number noted to track your order.

15. Thank you for your order and happy shopping from!